What do the road colors in Google maps mean?

Answer The road colors in Google Maps represent the type of road and traffic conditions. Orange represents interstate highways, yellow represents state highways and white represents local streets. In traf... Read More »

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How do you zoom in at the road on Google maps?


Destination on Google maps that isn't a road?

Right click - Directions from here.Right click - Directiosn to here.It'll show you the longitude and latitude. However, if you want distances, it usually picks the closest road / route.

What do big blue circles mean on Google sky maps?

According to a blog post on Google's official blog, these circles you're seeing on Google Maps are part of Google's "My Location" feature. This feature allows you to find your location in Google Ma... Read More »

How does Google Maps on the Nokia N96 compare to the Google Maps on the Iphone 3G?

maps, interface, and options are better on the iPhone. i think they're gonna even add street view to the google maps on the iPhone soon.