What do the recycling numbers mean?

Answer Plastics that can be recycled will have numbers inside their arrowed recycling symbols. Not all recycling programs accept all types of plastics, so check with your facility to see which numbers are... Read More »

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What does self-funding capital recycling mean?

Self-funding recycling capital is a loan fund that is set up to advance money to different environmental projects. The projects are involved in reducing a facility's "carbon footprint" over a term ... Read More »

What are mean numbers?

you add up all the numbers in the sequence then divde your answer by how many numbers there are in the sequance so if you had the numbers20, 19, 7, 45, 2 you would add them up which equals 93 then ... Read More »

What do the numbers mean for oil?

It doesn't take a trained mechanic to change the oil in a car. But to get the task done right and prevent future damage, you need to know what kind of oil to use. This can be found in your car's us... Read More »

What do the numbers 424 mean?

424 is a United States area code that covers the area of West Los Angeles and South Bay areas of California. It covers the same geographic area as the 310 area code and was created in 2006 as the a... Read More »