What do the rasta colors mean?

Answer The colors red, yellow, black and green are used often in Rastafarian, or rasta, religion. The colors were taken from the Marcus Garvey movement, which promoted the idea of African-Americans return... Read More »

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What is the meaning of rasta colors?

The colors red, gold and green are used to symbolize the Rastafarian religion. This religion, which has its roots in Jamaica, is known for the sacramental use of marijuana, the long dreadlocks worn... Read More »

How to Get Rasta Dreads?

If you want to achieve a free-spirited, casual hairstyle, you might be considering dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are symbolic of a particular cultural statement involving carefree music, dance and life ph... Read More »

Where could I buy rasta wallpaper?

I doubt there is any true wallpaper in a Rasta theme. There is lots of computer wallpaper, but the closest thing I could find is posters. I suggest you buy some paint in the colors you need and p... Read More »

How to Be Rasta Muslim?

Hey, this is how to be a rasta Muslim, this is for muslims that want to life the rastafari lifestyle. So you will believe like a Muslim and life like a Rasta,