What do the numbers on welding electrodes mean?

Answer Welding electrode numbers are four- to five-digit numbers that represent the minimum tensile strength the welding rod produces, the position of the electrode, the electrode's coating and the type o... Read More »

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What are welding electrodes?

Welding electrodes send an electric current or arc across two pieces of metal, creating extreme heat and causing the two metals to fuse. A welding electrode can be an anode, a cathode, or the elect... Read More »

Facts on Welding Electrodes?

Electrodes are essential components in devices used to create welds. Welders have access to a multitude of different electrodes to use that are all ideal for specific applications. Metal Web News s... Read More »

Different Kinds of Welding Electrodes?

Choosing the proper welding electrode for a specific project ensures the proper arc start and a strong weld. Welders often identify electrodes using the American Welding Society numbering system. H... Read More »

Types of Electrodes Used in Welding?

Consumers have access to many different types of welding electrodes. Each offers features that make it ideal for a certain application. In welding applications, electricity is drawn through an elec... Read More »