What do the numbers on the side of a tire mean?

Answer If you are trying to ask for a price for new tires over the phone, the mechanic will ask you what size your tires are. The size of your tires and other important tire information can be found in th... Read More »

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A tire is labeled 185 mm wide side wall is 70 percent of its width and the wheel has a diameter of 14 in so what is the tire's sidewall height?

What do the numbers on a tire mean?

The numbers on the outer edge of a tire gives information on the type, width, aspect ratio, construction, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. The code with up to 12 digits, near the rim, i... Read More »

How to Read ATV Tire Numbers?

Those embedded capital letters and numbers running along the sidewall of your ATV tires aren't there for show. Each represents a rating, specification, class and size for that particular tire. Unde... Read More »

The Meaning of DOT Tire Numbers?

Under federal law, each tire manufactured in the United States must have standardized information stamped onto the sidewall. This information is pertinent to all drivers, as it indicates tire speci... Read More »