What do the numbers on motorcycle tires mean?

Answer If the number appears like this: 150/80Z R16, the 150 is the tire's width in millimeters; 80 is the aspect ratio; Z is the speed rating; R tells us that radial construction was used in the tire's c... Read More »

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What do the numbers& letters on tires mean?

The numbers and letters on a tire provide information such as the tire's name and manufacturer, its section width, its composition, the speed rating, the width-to-height ratio as well as the tire's... Read More »

What size tires does a 1998 Honda Shadow motorcycle take?

All 1998 Honda Shadow motorcycles use a 170/80-15 rear tire. However, the width of the front tire varies among models. The VT600 uses a 100/90-19 front tire, while the VT750 and VT1100 use a 120/90... Read More »

Are motorcycle tires tubeless?

Motorcycle tires can be either a tube type or tubeless. A tire with a tube sometimes can be patched if the damage is not serious. Tubeless tires can be plugged or temporarily sealed from the outsid... Read More »

How to Stud Motorcycle Tires?

Bikers typically stud their bikes for traction. In winter or a steep terrain, traction is what provides stability and keeps the bike from simply skidding off the road or a path. Tire studs are meta... Read More »