What do the numbers on jewelry mean?

Answer To the untrained eye these numbers mean little, but with knowledge of their meanings you can easily identify fine pieces. Numbers are usually found on the posts of earrings, the inside of rings, on... Read More »

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What does dwt mean in jewelry?

In precious metal and jewelry terms, "dwt" is the abbreviation for a pennyweight, which equals .05 troy oz. or 1.555174 g. The term is based on the weight of an ancient coin and comes from the Troy... Read More »

What does 10 kh mean in jewelry?

There is no "kh" abbreviation in jewelry. If you came across something similar to that, most likely it was "10 k," or "10 karats". The karat system refers to how much pure, liquid gold is inside a ... Read More »

What do the stamps mean on jewelry?

Those tiny stamps located on your jewelry tell you a lot about your jewelry--what it was made from, where it came from and sometimes even who made it.IdentificationYou can identify the maker or mat... Read More »

What do jewelry stamps mean?

Jewelry made of precious metals like gold, sterling silver and platinum have marks to identify their purity level. Oftentimes, the jewelry maker's trademark and the country of origin are also stamp... Read More »