What do the numbers on hair clipper combs mean?

Answer The first thing a barber asks when you sit in his chair is, "How do you want it cut?" So you should know how hair clippers are numbered. Each number on a clipper guard refers to the length to which... Read More »

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What Do the Numbers on Hair Clipper Guards Mean?

If you have ever sat down in a barber or hairstyling chair and been asked, "What number?" you might have been a little confused. The number refers to the guard that is used on the clipper that the ... Read More »

What Do the Numbers for Hair Clippers Mean?

When cutting hair, you will use a few different utensils, including hair clippers. Each hair clipper has a guard with a specific number written on it. To avoid problems, it is important to know wha... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of European Brand Wood Combs on Hair?

Although craftsmen throughout the world make wooden combs, European craftsmen have made wooden combs for hundreds of years. As a result, many European brands, such as Widu or Solano, both made in I... Read More »

What is the best self-cut hair clipper?

On One Hand: Wahl Has It AllWahl produces an 18-piece Deluxe Self Cut Do It Yourself Haircut Kit which includes ten guards, a mirror, scissors, a comb and a storage case. The clipper head rotates t... Read More »