What do the numbers on hair clipper combs mean?

Answer The first thing a barber asks when you sit in his chair is, "How do you want it cut?" So you should know how hair clippers are numbered. Each number on a clipper guard refers to the length to which... Read More »

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What Do the Numbers on Hair Clipper Guards Mean?

If you have ever sat down in a barber or hairstyling chair and been asked, "What number?" you might have been a little confused. The number refers to the guard that is used on the clipper that the ... Read More »

The Best Quality Hair Combs?

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Combs for Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be traumatizing no matter what the cause, whether it is due to a sickness or simply the aging process. Unless you regularly shave your head by choice, you are probably not looking to ... Read More »

How to Wear Hair Combs?

Hair combs are accessories for the hair that look like combs with a thick edge on the top. They come in a variety of styles. For example, the edge can be colored to blend in or to stand out. From c... Read More »