What do the numbers on a vision prescription mean?

Answer When you leave your eye care professional's office with a written prescription in hand, you'll see several numbers preceded by either a positive (+) or a negative (-) sign.TypesAn eyeglass prescrip... Read More »

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How to read vision prescription?

What you show is the prescription, which is the power of the lenses needed.What you want to know is your visual acuity ( the 20/20 thing)...well, the prescription doesn't tell us that. There IS no ... Read More »

Is my vision prescription going to be too strong?

The actual power of the bifocal in prescription eyewear is dependent on the Sphere of the Rx. (First number of the Rx). Example:Rx: -.50 -.50 x 124 (with an add (bifocal power) of +1.75)The Actu... Read More »

Approximately how much would a new pair of prescription glasses cost at Pearle Vision?

It all depends on what frames you buy, what quality of lenses and additions you need. Along with this, the prices of eyeglasses are similar at all stores. Normally frames run around 100-200 USD and... Read More »

What do prescription numbers mean in eye glasses?

After an eye doctor has measured the degree of your nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism, you may be given a prescription to correct your vision. In general, the farther away a number... Read More »