What do the numbers on a personal check mean?

Answer The numbers on the upper right corner is the check's number. The numbers on the bottom of the check, starting on the left, is your bank's routing number. Next to that is your personal bank account ... Read More »

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Explain the Numbers on a Personal Check?

Personal checks contain various sequences of numbers. When conducting business such as making purchases and paying bills online or setting up direct withdraws and deposits, it is important to under... Read More »

Numbers on the Bottom of a Personal Check Explained?

Banks often provide booklets of information that specify the benefits of opening a checking account. Although writing a check is one of the benefits, an explanation of a physical check is often ove... Read More »

How to Check Motorcycle VIN Numbers?

A motorcycle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is 11 to 17 characters long, and includes a combination of numbers and letters. You can use the VIN to search for information on a used motorcycle... Read More »

How do I read account numbers from a check?

Find the checking account number on the bottom of the check. Normally, there are three numbers on the bottom of the check: the check number, the routing number and the checking account number. The ... Read More »