What do the numbers on a bar code stand for?

Answer Bar code numbers are unique to each item they are placed on and help retailers keep track of product sales, inventory and manufacturers. They are also known as UPC or universal product codes and ar... Read More »

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What do numbers 187 stand for in Detroit 187?

According to the entry in Wikipedia, 187 is a numeric code for the crime of murder.

What Do Debit Card Numbers Stand for?

In the 1980s when electronic banking began, banks issued debit cards for use only with their own ATMs. The debit cards' number systems were as varied as their issuers. However, as debit cards evolv... Read More »

What does NR stand for in HP laptop model numbers?

The "nr" in a HP laptop model number means "no region." It means that the laptop is not limited to a particular region. A model number with "us" would mean that the laptop is only sold in the U.S.R... Read More »

What do the USS navy ships letters and numbers stand for?

I assume you are refering to "Hull Numbers" such as CV-10. These uniquely identify a vessel particularly when names are re-used.The USS Lexington was CV-2 and CV-16, the USS Yorktown was CV-5 and C... Read More »