What do the numbers mean on gun scopes?

Answer The two numbers on a gun scope represent the amount of magnification the scope provides and the diameter of the objective lens, which is the end of the scope farthest from the shooter. For example,... Read More »

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What does 20x50 mean for spotting scopes?

The 20x50 refers to the magnification and objective lens of a spotting scope. The magnification is 20x, which means objects appear to be 20 times closer than viewed with the naked eye. The objectiv... Read More »

What are mean numbers?

you add up all the numbers in the sequence then divde your answer by how many numbers there are in the sequance so if you had the numbers20, 19, 7, 45, 2 you would add them up which equals 93 then ... Read More »

What do the numbers mean for oil?

It doesn't take a trained mechanic to change the oil in a car. But to get the task done right and prevent future damage, you need to know what kind of oil to use. This can be found in your car's us... Read More »

What do the numbers on a GPS mean?

A GPS receiver displays location readings obtained from orbital satellites. The signals from at least three satellites are triangulated to display numbers that represent latitude, longitude plus al... Read More »