What do the numbers mean on an oil furnace nozzle?

Answer On an oil furnace burner nozzle, the first number depicts gallons of oil per hour. The second numbers show the angle of the oil spray cone. The letters on an oil furnace nozzle represent the fillin... Read More »

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What Decides Furnace Nozzle Dimensions?

Oil-burning furnaces are among the standard options for home heating. They rely on liquid fuel, which is vaporized and burned to produce heat. While this process is relatively simple, it relies on ... Read More »

Where can I find my Carrier furnace model numbers?

On a Carrier gas or oil furnace, locate the model number by removing the front panel of the furnace and looking on the upper left-hand side of the area that was covered by the panel, according to t... Read More »

What does oil furnace rack price mean?

Rack price is the price at which a commodity is sold to distributors after adjustment for transportation costs and other overhead. The rack price for home heating oil is the price the supplier pays... Read More »

What does MERV rating mean for furnace air filters?

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rates the efficiency of air filters in removing particles from the air. A filter with a MERV rating of 1 removes only particles as small as 10 microns;... Read More »