What do the numbers mean in blood pressure results?

Answer Systemic blood pressure is an important measure of overall cardiovascular health. However, the two numbers given to you by health care professionals may seem like medical jargon without an explanat... Read More »

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Varying blood pressure results, is it normal?

Yes it changes and it's normal (unless it's a drastic change). Your BP changes all the time - with rest or activity, with certain drugs or stimulants (including caffeine). Anxiety can also change y... Read More »

What diseases give abnormal results of blood pressure?

Kidney disease can for sure. Also problems with your adrenal glands or even pituitary glands. Sometimes thyroid problems. Dehydration. Heart disease. High cholesterol. Genetics.

What do my blood pressure numbers mean?

Blood pressure numbers indicate how efficiently a heart is working to pump blood throughout the body. Readings can change throughout the day and after exercise, but consistently high numbers indica... Read More »

What are blood pressure numbers?

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood flow within arteries during and between heartbeats. Blood pressure readings, an important indicator of overall health, consist of two numbers, the systolic a... Read More »