What do the numbers mean in a liver function test?

Answer Liver function tests, or a hepatic function panel, are a group of tests used to detect, evaluate and diagnose liver inflammation, injury or infection. These tests include aspartate aminotransferas ... Read More »

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What do herpes test numbers mean?

Physicians use several Herpes blood tests. The tests that provide numbers typically come from an HSV type specific test. Blood tests can show whether antibodies have built up in the body to protect... Read More »

What is the location&function of the liver?

The liver is an essential organ responsible for functions such as hormone production, storage of glucose and detoxification. The body needs a properly functioning liver in order to survive.Location... Read More »

What is the main function of the liver?

The liver performs many essential functions for the body, including filtering toxins from the blood, aiding the digestive system and distributing nutrients throughout the body, and producing protei... Read More »

What is the function of the liver in a frog?

A frog's liver aids in the digestion of food by secreting bile, a juice that helps the body digest fats. The frog's liver also detoxifies its blood and helps eliminate waste in the frog's body.Sour... Read More »