What do the numbers mean in a liver function test?

Answer Liver function tests, or a hepatic function panel, are a group of tests used to detect, evaluate and diagnose liver inflammation, injury or infection. These tests include aspartate aminotransferas ... Read More »

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Liver Cancer Stage 3 blood test .. Oncologist or nurse or liver cancer survivor?

Personality changes are not symptoms of liver cancer and no doctor would advise any diagnostics for liver cancer based on personality changes. For more about about liver cancer and its symptoms, d... Read More »

What are the causes of low liver function?

Low liver function is a decrease in the liver's performance of essential tasks such as eliminating toxins and assisting in food digestion. This condition can result from a number of different under... Read More »

What is the liver's function in the body?

The liver is the largest organ inside the human body. It is located slightly below the diaphragm, mostly protected by the ribcage. The liver is able to regenerate if part of it is removed.Manufactu... Read More »

What can improve liver function?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body as it regulates metabolism and cleans the blood. However, if we drink too much alcohol or eat too many fatty foods, we are actually harming... Read More »