What do the numbers& letters on tires mean?

Answer The numbers and letters on a tire provide information such as the tire's name and manufacturer, its section width, its composition, the speed rating, the width-to-height ratio as well as the tire's... Read More »

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How to Understand the Letters & Numbers on Tires?

Having the proper size tire on your vehicle is vital for a smooth and safe ride. The federal government requires that all tires have sizing and performance indicators shown on the tire sidewall to ... Read More »

Can debit card PIN numbers be letters?

Yes, your PIN number can be letters instead of numbers. However, you must convert the letters into the numeric format so it is possible to enter the PIN number into the keypad. Converting letters i... Read More »

Why is my keyboard typing numbers instead of letters?

Hey, i see all these people saying "Num lock is " or press certain keys, but no, it's nothing about that.If you've recently downloaded an Anti-Virus (I downloaded Constant Guard by Comcast) it migh... Read More »

How do i turn phone letters into numbers?

Turn phone letters into numbers by figuring out which numbers are associated with which letters on a phone keypad. While different phones (and European versus American phones) may have different le... Read More »