What do the numbers& letters on tires mean?

Answer The numbers and letters on a tire provide information such as the tire's name and manufacturer, its section width, its composition, the speed rating, the width-to-height ratio as well as the tire's... Read More »

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How to Understand the Letters & Numbers on Tires?

Having the proper size tire on your vehicle is vital for a smooth and safe ride. The federal government requires that all tires have sizing and performance indicators shown on the tire sidewall to ... Read More »

What do the numbers on motorcycle tires mean?

If the number appears like this: 150/80Z R16, the 150 is the tire's width in millimeters; 80 is the aspect ratio; Z is the speed rating; R tells us that radial construction was used in the tire's c... Read More »

What is the meaning of the numbers&letters on a chess board?

The numbers and letters on a chessboard correspond to the particular squares. They're used to officially note a given move, identifying exactly to which space a given piece is placed.RanksThe numbe... Read More »

What do the USS navy ships letters and numbers stand for?

I assume you are refering to "Hull Numbers" such as CV-10. These uniquely identify a vessel particularly when names are re-used.The USS Lexington was CV-2 and CV-16, the USS Yorktown was CV-5 and C... Read More »