What do the numbers in a Social Security number mean?

Answer The numbers in a Social Security number are historically used for filing purposes. The first three digits represent an area number, the second two digits represent a group number and the last four ... Read More »

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Are the numbers on the back of the Social Security card the routing numbers for the Federal Reserve?

Newer cards issued by the Social Security Administration have a red number printed on the back. Rumors state that these numbers signify a routing or account number within the Federal Reserve bankin... Read More »

How many different social security numbers can there be?

A social security number is nine digits. Therefore, there are 1 billion unique numbers that can be created. However, it's unlikely that the Social Security Department would issue numbers such as "0... Read More »

How many possible Social Security numbers are there?

Social Security numbers are nine digits long, making a possible one billion number combinations. When you omit the numbers where one block would be made up of all zeroes, you're left with 988,911,0... Read More »

Can pets have Social Security numbers?

Pets don't receive Social Security numbers. Some pet tag manufacturers claim their serial numbers can serve as pseudo-Social Security numbers. Government agencies, however, do not register these. ... Read More »