What do colors on a mood ring symbolize?

Answer Mood rings contain liquid temperature-sensitive crystal that changes color in response to changes in your body temperature. Since your body temperature does change according to your emotions, there... Read More »

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What does pink mean on a mood ring?

According to the website HealthyNewAge, the color pink on a mood ring can mean fear. When the mood ring's color pink is accompanied by spiritual heart acceleration, pink can also mean the spiritual... Read More »

What do mood necklace colors mean?

Mood necklace color changes are caused by fluctuations in the wearer's body temperature. The idea is that emotions produce specific temperature fluctuations; therefore, the color of the necklace is... Read More »

What Mood Stone Colors Mean?

Some people believe mood stone rings aren't just a fun psychedelic accessory, but that they can indicate the state of mind of its wearer. Depending on their shade, mood stone colors might indicate ... Read More »

What does the color blue mean on a mood ring?

Essentially, mood rings contain liquid crystal that changes color based on temperature. The rings supposedly sense your emotions by correlating your temperature to how you feel. Blue is one of the ... Read More »