What do the monkeys do in Jewel Quest II?

Answer The Jewel Quest games, a series of PC puzzle games, often use monkeys as characters, with each having a different purpose depending on the game. In Jewel Quest II, however, the monkeys are evil cre... Read More »

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Tips for Jewel Quest 3?

"Jewel Quest" is a popular Internet game in which you swap one jewel with another, changing their places, to align three jewels in a row and make those jewels disappear. In "Jewel Quest 3," you mus... Read More »

Is there a jewel quest solitaire for iPhone 4?

How to Unlock "Jewel Quest Solitaire 2"?

Jewel Quest Solitaire 2 is a card and jewel-matching game sold online through Big Fish Games. The game site offers a free, 60-minute trial for download. Once the hour trial period is up, the game s... Read More »

Jewel Styles?

Gemstones have value the world over, not only because of their rarity or coloration, but also because of the style of their cut. These cut styles vary between different gemstones, with shapes rangi... Read More »