What do the markings on the Patriots'football field mean?

Answer The New England Patriots' field has two unique markings either side of the 50-yard line. These markings comprise the official Gillette Stadium logo.LogoThe logo is the official Gillette stadium log... Read More »

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How do I format the OPTIONS field for the yahoo store field when working on a CSV file in excel?

The Comma Separated Value (CSV) text file will never be able to save any Formatting options, because it is nothing more than a plain text file (just like something from Notepad).You will need to fi... Read More »

Neck markings?

yep, and old people wont sit down next to you on the bus

What do the markings mean on U.S. currency?

While many of the markings on U.S. currency are placed on the bills to simply make them harder to forge, some of the markings have specific meanings in a traditional, legal and useful way. Not each... Read More »

How to Recognize Asian Markings?

To someone not familiar with Asian writing systems these markings can seem both foreign and bewildering. Often, the symbols used in writing these languages are far removed from the traditional Roma... Read More »