What do the markings mean on U.S. currency?

Answer While many of the markings on U.S. currency are placed on the bills to simply make them harder to forge, some of the markings have specific meanings in a traditional, legal and useful way. Not each... Read More »

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What do the markings on the Patriots'football field mean?

The New England Patriots' field has two unique markings either side of the 50-yard line. These markings comprise the official Gillette Stadium logo.LogoThe logo is the official Gillette stadium log... Read More »

What is the worth of United States currency converted to Australian currency?

As of April 2010, the exchange rate for the Australian dollar is 1.07356 dollars to 1 United States dollar. For Example 100 U.S. dollars equals about 107.35 Australian dollars. However, exchange ra... Read More »

What does it mean when the dollar is high against a foreign currency?

When the dollar is high against a foreign currency, it means that one dollar is relatively more valuable than one unit of the foreign currency. However, someone might say that the dollar is high if... Read More »

What is the significance of gravestone markings?

Gravestones don't reveal only the name, birth date and death date for the person buried there. According to the Association for Gravestone Studies, gravestone markings can tell you about the deceas... Read More »