What do the lion statues in the Forbidden City, Beijing, mean?

Answer The artifacts and works of art in Beijing's Forbidden City, the imperial palace of Chinese emperors for more than 400 years, include statues of guardian lions. They stand at the entrance of the For... Read More »

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How many years did it take to build china's Forbidden City?

It took 14 years for the million workers to complete China's Forbidden City, located near the current Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The construction began in 1407 and ended in 1420, according to Bei... Read More »

What do the different Buddha statues mean?

Guatama Siddhattha, born in modern day Nepal around 556 BC, was the man who is widely known as Buddha, which means enlightened one. Today, Buddhism is one of the largest practiced religions in the ... Read More »

What was a children fantasy 90s TV series in featuring a lost and forbidden city fantasy setting with magic in which present day people end up after a plane or chopper crash?

Land of the Lost dealt with a lost ( disoriented) party of explorers (and some kids) my guess somewhere in California"s death valley-though this was never stated, Just how they got lost was not exp... Read More »

What does Beijing mean in English?

Beijing means northern capital or literally "north capital" in English, according to Beijing is the capital city of the People's Republic of China and is in the northeastern Hebei... Read More »