What do the lights on a computer case mean?

Answer The small LED (light-emitting diodes) lights on computer cases aid the computer user. These lights signify the activity or condition of the internal processes or parts of the computer. Depending on... Read More »

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If I vacuumed inside my desktop computer case, is my computer's motherboard fried?

ESD =Electro Static Discharge can damage a motherboard and all of its components static doesn't seem like much to us as humans but for those tiny components its like lightning so you could have ver... Read More »

Does my computer need a case fan?

Ummmm...61 C is just shy of the shutdown temperature that *should* be specified for any AMD processor. 40 C would be closer to ideal for the processor temperature, if under load (like playing game... Read More »

How to Add a Computer Case Fan?

Your computer generates a lot of heat and in order to keep running, it needs to have that heat removed constantly. If your PC is running a little hot, installing an additional case fan may be what ... Read More »

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