What do the letters at the end of my Medicare number mean?

Answer The Social Security Administration (SSA) assigns a claim number to all beneficiaries, for both cash and Medicare benefit purposes. The letter at the end is called the "Beneficiary Identification Co... Read More »

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What do the letters after a social security or medicare number mean?

The letters following your Social Security number on your Medicare card and correspondence signify the benefits you are eligible to receive. The letter A, meaning the primary wage earner, and B, me... Read More »

American phones have three letters per number on the number pad. What do the Chinese do?

they will certainly have local language(japanese, chinese,korean) over the number keys...if you buy in those countries..

What is a Medicare P10 number?

The Medicare P10 number is a very important number for Medicare recipients. You may be surprised to learn the truth behind why it is called a P10 number. In any case, if you are a Medicare provider... Read More »

What does the TA mean on the Medicare ID number?

Medicare assigns a unique identification number to each person who receives Medicare benefits. Immediately after your identification number, you will likely notice a letter code. The letter code "T... Read More »