What do the letters after a social security or medicare number mean?

Answer The letters following your Social Security number on your Medicare card and correspondence signify the benefits you are eligible to receive. The letter A, meaning the primary wage earner, and B, me... Read More »

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If you get Social Security disability, do you get Medicare?

Once you have received Social Security disability benefits for two years, you automatically become eligible for Medicare. This eligibility begins 24 months after the month you were entitled to rece... Read More »

Does Social Security pay any costs of Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B requires the participant to pay a monthly premium ($110.50 in 2010). This premium can be deducted directly from your Social Security payment, but is ultimately paid by the recipient... Read More »

Is Social Security tax& Medicare withheld from retirement income?

Social Security and Medicare taxes are not withheld from retirement income because those two taxes only apply to earned income. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider retirement income, inc... Read More »

Social Security Rules for Withdrawals From Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B medical Insurance helps pay for physicians' fees in and outside the hospital and outpatient services such as durable medical equipment, ambulance services and laboratory tests. The ... Read More »