What do the different symbols on the i frogz headphones mean?

Answer Next to nothing, I'm afraid. Coby was an extremely inexpensive brand - the so-called "bottom of the barrel". I don't even think the name is used commercially anymore - at least I haven't sen it in ... Read More »

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What Do the Symbols in Tabulature Mean?

Tabulature, more commonly know as "tab," has been used for hundreds of years as an alternative to standard music notation. Guitar tabulature is used to teach and learn songs on bass, acoustic and e... Read More »

What do the symbols on the U.S. dollar mean?

Many of the symbols on the U.S. dollar reflect the 13 original states, but in relation to the federal government. The symbols represent justice, strength, longevity, providence and peace.Departmen... Read More »

What Do iPod Symbols Mean?

Most of the symbols and icons used as part of the iPod display format are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. The Pause and Play symbols -- two side-by-side vertical lines and a righ... Read More »

What do all the symbols mean on my i phone 4?

It is called a folio case and you could get it from all good mobile phone stockists.