What do the differant multiplications mean on recordable cds?

Answer The speed the discs can be written to. Higher number = faster possible.

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What are differant types of child abuse?

Physical (punching, kicking, any sort of violence) Emotional (Making that person feel worthless, making them feel bad or sorry for no reason) Verbal (swearing, yelling) and sexual (rape, any sort o... Read More »

Why the memory cards are only available in 256 MB,512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB , 8 GB & its multiplications?

Because it's like 1 bit + 1 bit = 2 bits, then same 2 bits+ 2 bits = 4 bits, 4+4 = 8 bits, it's the principle of data multiplication, sorry for that **** rule, I liked your question because it was ... Read More »

The Easiest Way to Learn Multiplications?

Multiplication is the process of adding a number to itself a particular amount of times. Since multiplication is such a common and fundamental mathematical operation, it is important for students t... Read More »

Recordable DVD + deterioation?

This is a topic of heated debate. First, you need to understand that recordable DVDs have a heat activated dye which turns dark under the heat of the laser. Some tests, where the DVDs have been e... Read More »