What do the colors on the Vietnamese flag mean?

Answer The country of Vietnam was conquered by France in 1884 and became part of French Indochina in 1887. The Vietnamese flag was first used in September 1945, when the country declared independence fro... Read More »

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What do the colors of the Vietnamese flag stand for?

The flag for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a rich history riddled with conflict and poetic symbolism. The flag's colors serve as a symbol for the people of Vietnam, representing unity, resi... Read More »

What does the red on the Vietnamese flag mean?

The red background on the Vietnamese flag symbolizes the blood spilled during the war for independence. The star symbolizes the unity of the people, and the points represent workers, peasants, sold... Read More »

What does the Vietnamese flag mean?

The flag of Vietnam holds several meanings. Red symbolizes the blood of its people, while yellow represents its people's skin color. The five points of the star symbolize different classes of peopl... Read More »

What symbol is on the vietnamese flag?

There is a yellow star in the middle of the Vietnamese flag. The star represents Vietnam's unity, and the points on the star represent the union of the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals an... Read More »