What do the colors of mood rings represent?

Answer For over 30 years, mood rings have been a part of our society. They are found in nearly every small store or jewelry store and are particularly popular because of their supposed ability to read a p... Read More »

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Why do mood rings change colors?

Mood rings, which were a huge fad in the 1970, change colors when they are worn. A color chart normally accompanies a mood ring, claiming that the wearer's feelings are revealed by the stone's colo... Read More »

What does purple mean on mood rings?

Mood rings change hues depending on your emotion. Purple indicates that you are feeling romantic towards another or perhaps you are seeing everything through the eyes of someone who enjoys romance ... Read More »

What year were mood rings invented?

The mood ring was invented in 1975 by jewelry designer Marvin Wernick. Wernick came up with the idea after seeing an emergency room physician measure a child's temperature by placing a strip made o... Read More »

What makes mood rings change color?

Mood rings contain thermochromic, or temperature sensitive liquid crystals. Mood swings typically cause body temperature fluctuations, which prompt crystal molecules to shift. As molecules move, th... Read More »