What do the colors of carnations mean?

Answer Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) have been used in art and decoration since ancient Greek and Roman times. The term "Dianthus" can be approximately translated to "flower of love" or "flower of th... Read More »

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What Do Yellow Carnations Mean?

Carnations are popular flowers among brides, florists and flower lovers of all kinds. The unique, ruffled petals and wide color variety make carnations a good garden choice. According to the langua... Read More »

What Do Pink Carnations Mean?

Pink carnations are among the world's most popular flowers and are continuously stocked by florists around the world. All flowers are said to have meaning, but pink carnations are well-known and wi... Read More »

What do the rasta colors mean?

The colors red, yellow, black and green are used often in Rastafarian, or rasta, religion. The colors were taken from the Marcus Garvey movement, which promoted the idea of African-Americans return... Read More »

What do colors on the flag mean?

According to the U.S. Flag Site, the first American flag was sewn by Betsy Ross in May 1776 with its design passed into law by an Act of the Continental Congress in 1777. The original design of the... Read More »