What do the blue colors in a bone density test mean?

Answer Bone density tests are read according to T-scores and Z-scores. T-scores are an average based on young adults; Z-scores are an average based on your age. When graphed on a bell curve, normal (-1 ... Read More »

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What do the colors in a bone density test mean?

Bone density tests determine your potential risk of developing osteoporosis and monitor whether you have already developed the condition. Test results are based on standard deviations of T-scores a... Read More »

I had a bone density test done and I have a high bone density but I still break my bones very easily..why?

How to Take a Bone Density Test?

This test is simple and non invasive and covered by most Insurance Companies. It is a good idea to have a bone density test.

What is a bone density test and how is it done?

A bone density test is also called a DEXA scan. It uses x-rays to check your bones for calcium and other minerals to determine your risk of osteoporosis and fracture.DEXADual-energy x-ray absorptio... Read More »