What do the b cells do in active immunity?

Answer The immune B cells are part of the immune memory.The body makes millions of different types of B cells each day that circulate in the blood and lymphatic system performing the role of immune survei... Read More »

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When a person receives a flu vaccination does he develop active or passive immunity?

Active.Foreign microbes, or parts of microbes, are introduced to the body and the immune system reacts and produces antibodies. The antibodies were made in reaction to a foreign body introduced int... Read More »

Anybody tell me how to copy cells automatically in MS excel just by selecting cells by arrow key?

I am not sure why you would want to alter the typical functioning of the arrow keys, it would not be a wise decision. There are many shortcut key combinations of selecting cells within MS-Excel: ... Read More »

Is cell membrane found in animal cells or plant cells?

The cell membrane, the outside casing or membrane of a cell, is found in both plant and animal cells. In fact, the cell membrane is a universal feature found in the cells of all living organisms. T... Read More »

In the pancreas there are a group of cells which make insulin.What describes these cells?

Beta cells (beta-cells, β-cells) are a type of cell in the pancreas located in the islets of Langerhans. They make up 65-80% of the cells in the islets.Under a microscope, stained sections of the ... Read More »