What do the abbreviations in the soldier data box stand for on the army schools pre-execution checklist?

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What are the Abbreviations for inductees into the army?

Inductees in to the US Army are considered either Delayed Entry Program (DEPS) or Future Soldiers (FS).

What are the abbreviations for army ranks?

Enlisted: Private (E1): PVTPrivate (E2): PV2Private First Class (E3): PFCSpecialist (E4): SPCCorporal (E4): CPLSergeant (E5): SGTStaff Sergeant (E6): SSGSergeant First Class (E7): SFCMaster Sergean... Read More »

Where can you find abbreviations that the army use like 'Evac'?

Only retired, reserve or national guard soldiers have ID cards.SSG C. HernandezUS Army If you are not in the reserves, active, national guard or retired, you can not obtain an ID card.