What do the F keys on my computer keyboard do?

Answer Here is a brief rundown of the function key and what they can do for you. F1As a throwback to DOS days, you will find that the F1 key will often bring up a help menu. If you press F1 while working... Read More »

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What are some funny faces to make with keys on your computer keyboard?

:) B-) :D ;) :'( Emoticon Key Combination

How to Program Computer Keyboard Keys?

You can program your computer keyboard keys to execute certain tasks, such as opening a specific application. This process is known as creating a keyboard shortcut. A keyboard shortcut is simply a ... Read More »

How many keys are on a standard computer keyboard?

The standard U.S. computer keyboard contains 101 keys, according to PC Guide. However, other common variants exist, such as the "Windows" keyboard with 104 keys. Keyboards for non-English speakers ... Read More »

How do I change navigation keys on a computer keyboard?

In order to customize your keyboard and change the function of certain navigation keys, you can use Key Transformation. By using the on-screen keyboard, you can change the function of system and na... Read More »