What do the Different Signs of Affection Mean?

Answer Affection is universal, but the meaning of signs of affection vary in different cultures. Even within a single culture, the meaning of a sign of affection depends on a host of factors. Age, gender,... Read More »

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What does alienation of affection mean?

Alienation of affection is also referred to as criminal conversation or adultery. It means to have an affair with a married individual that interferes with the spousal relationship. Legal action ca... Read More »

How to Get Different Colors in Neon Signs?

Neon signs have been available since the turn of the 20th century when Georges Claude, a French chemist and inventor, discharged electricity into a sealed tube filled with neon gas to make a lamp. ... Read More »

Do different colors of paint mean different things?

Color is frequently used to aid in the identification of things. It would probably come under the heading of color coding. Do fire extinguishers come in something other than red? Industrial plants ... Read More »

What do these signs mean...?

These signs indicate that there is a temporary speed restriction two miles ahead. Usually a speed restriction is put in to effect when track work is being done, or is scheduled to be done and in th... Read More »