What do tender breasts mean?

Answer Many physical symptoms can indicate multiple causes. Tender breasts are a good example of such a symptom. Since some causes of tender breasts are more serious than others, you should know what they... Read More »

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How soon do your breasts get tender from pregnancy?

Answer After 2/3 months sometimes a lot earlier and some women dont experience tender breasts till their breast feeding. But I would say about 6 weeks +.

Why are your breasts tender and swollen?

This varies- can be period or pregnancy or many other things. See your doc.

Are tender breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms Tender breasts are a sign of pregnancy, but they are also a sign of your period coming. You should take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor. You can look up planned pregna... Read More »

Is it normal to not have tender breasts during pregnancy?

AnswerI'm seventeen weeks into my fourth pregnancy and this is the first time that I've experienced tender breasts. After three, I thought I was a pro and knew exactly what to expect. But I'm still... Read More »