What do ten year olds like?

Answer 10 YO Boys like cars, trucks, superheroes, cute girls, and potato guns,cartoons,video games,sports,hangin out wit they home boys,wreslin,action figures,rap 10 YO Girls like makeup, singing, dancin... Read More »

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What are sites that are like facebook but are safe for 11 or 12 year olds?

neopets.combut kids that age shouldn't have a social networking site, they're young, let them go play with other people. and i didn't get a myspace till i was a freshman in high school and i got a ... Read More »

How to Get a Guy to Like You ( 8 14 Year Olds )?

Sometimes it seems impossible to get a guy, but it isn't! With this article, you'll see just how simple it is!

How do boys like 13 year olds to dress?

guys like you to dress like yourself.they honestly dont really care how you dress.only girls do. so just dress in what you think is cuteand what you feel attractive in.

Old tv show on ABC family it had a red convertable in the beginning it was placed in la there were 7 kids like 20 year olds and the title did have 7 in it?