Are there any safe steroids?

Answer On One Hand: Steroids Have a Medical UseSteroids are sometimes prescribed for certain medical conditions, especially steroids with anti-inflammatory properties, according to the Mayo Clinic. As lon... Read More »

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Does mountain dew have steroids in it?

I love MD and drink it everyday and if it had steroids, I'd have the body of professional body builder, so the answer is NO!

Is this natural or steroids ?

So you gonna be tall and are the only one who knows if stereoids are involved.....

Are steroids nutritious?

I wonder why Morpheus felt like writing an 8-page paper on the subject.....hmmmmm.....:)I hear they don't taste half bad if you mix them in brownies.:)

Is it suicide to use Steroids :)?

Honest opinion:Don't do them. It's like cheating on a test or stealing money; you get rewards, but its not honorable. You know that you didn't get your results with your best, hard work. Don't get ... Read More »