If a person who was born blind dreams, what do the dreams consist of?

Answer I've thought this before too, and I'd have to imagine a kind of sensory overload in the other senses. I don't know about you, but I've smelt things in dreams, tasted things in dreams, heard and fe... Read More »

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Life question~ What would you do if you were in my shoes Quit your job, follow your dreams...?

I'm sorry your job is so upsetting for you, and I commend you for being responsible with your finances by keeping the job to pay expenses. Those around you probably feel that you are responsible an... Read More »

RHH Regs: What are *YOUR* dreams?

my dream is to be a rap/rnb producer b/c of my love w/ music

How to Understand What Your Dreams Mean?

Sometimes you wake up and wonder what your dreams mean. Well here is a guide to help you understand your dreams and how they could relate to your daily life:

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