What do spiders do to help us?

Answer They clean up many of the pests that lurk around the garden. Unfortunately they also pick up some of the goodies. That's nature.

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Baby spiders invading my house please help me!!?

I had a similar problem- there was a cricket in my apartment and I couldn't find it. Then I started seeing all these baby crickets all over the apartment. I got a bug bomb, set it off, and Bob's ... Read More »

SPIDERS!! Any idea how to keep spiders out of my house?

You should recognize that no matter what you do, your house will always be infested with bugs in the walls. There could be ants or termites, sow bugs or centipedes. There is no getting rid of them.... Read More »

Has anyone heard of hummingbirds herding live spiders to help them make their nests?

I didn't hear about this until I saw your question and googled it. It seems hummingbirds use spiders as a source of silk in nest construction. Interesting.

What can we do to minimize the number of spiders?

Go to a Craft Store and buy some (real) Eucalyptus sprigs. Place them near windows and doors. Spiders do not like them and will stay away.