What do spider bites look like?

Answer Could be this/that...see below

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Do these look like bed bug bites or flea bites?

It's a tiny pic, but looks like flea. Bed bug bites seem to come up redder, and in a slightly different pattern. I could easily be wrong.Treat mattress / bedding / carpet / dog, etc. An animal t... Read More »

What Do Flea & Tick Bites Look Like?

Under normal circumstances flea and tick bites are more bothersome than troublesome; the majority of victims (both human and pet) exhibit only minor discomfort with no lasting effects. But for thos... Read More »

What Do Spider Mites Look Like?

To the naked eye, spider mites appear as little white dots under a leaf or on a stem. Adult spider mites have two red eyes, hairy bodies and eight legs. In the winter, the adult females can turn re... Read More »

What does a poisonous spider bite look like?

It all depends on what type spider it was, they have different poisons. A brown recluse will look red and small at first, but it does the damage under the skin. Whatever, if you even think it may... Read More »