What do sonograms show?

Answer A sonogram is a scanned image of a woman's unborn baby; it's created using sound waves. Images are generally black and white, and they depict a fetus image by sending sound reflection data to an im... Read More »

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Gallbladder pains but sonograms show nothing?

Sounds very likely a gallstone pain attack indeed. The ultrasound does not always detect small gallstones nor stones that are stuck in the bileducts, so sometimes an abdominal MRI is required. Plea... Read More »

How accurate are sonograms?

There is no hard-and-fast measure of accuracy for sonograms, the pictures produced by ultrasound examinations. Ultrasounds are a common part of a woman's care during pregnancy, but several factors ... Read More »

Are 4D sonograms healthy?

On One Hand: Organizations Warn Against ItSonogram or ultrasound technology uses high frequency sound waves to produce images. This energy creates heat, which can affect fetal tissue. The American ... Read More »

Are sonograms safe?

On One Hand: No Proven Harmful EffectsSonograms utilize high-frequency sound waves that are emitted by a special device called a transducer. The waves, which pass through the abdominal wall (or oth... Read More »