What do software engineers do?

Answer Software engineers develop, enhance and troubleshoot applications. They provide solutions which enable their clients to work more efficiently saving time and money. The main objective is to empower... Read More »

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How much does Google software engineers get paid per hour or day?

It depends on your skill,I have seen Lots of people who have started from $2000 and even from $4000 and that goes increasing depending on your skill.

How many engineers does NASA have?

Why do trains still have engineers?

Despite telemetry and gages to monitor the various systems incorporated on both rolling stock and locomotives, train handling is still very much a "seat of the pants" operation. Unless on board an... Read More »

Locomotive engineers: Please tell me about your job!?

There will be as many varying answers as there are answerers here.The time will vary but typicall from the time you hire on in train service it will 3 to 5 years, from trainman, to conductor to eng... Read More »