What do snails eat and drink?

Answer what they eat: flowersbarkdamp papercardboard what they drink: 7cm of water a day (not too much or they will die)hope this helped!

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What type of snails are escargot?

While there are numerous species of snail commonly used as escargot, the most frequently eaten are all in the Helicidae family, specifically the Helix aspersa, which is found worldwide and is espec... Read More »

What kind of snails are escargot?

Snails, also known as escargot in French, are mollusks found on land or in water. Helix pomatia, helix aspersa and otala lactea are edible snails served as an appetizer or main meal.Source:Dietary ... Read More »

What is the difference between slugs & snails?

I don't see much of a difference between the two. They look basically identical. The slug goes along happily without the shell. I see them in my garden, all over my yard, on hiking trails, feast... Read More »

What is the most enviro-friendly way to "control" snails in a vegetable garden?

There's a lot of mildly abrasive things people have used to discourage snails - sawdust as mentioned, diatomaceous earth, and wood ashes as other examples. The drawback is that when these items ge... Read More »