What do silverfish eat?

Answer Silverfish primarily eat small food crumbs and particles such as cereal grains and other starches. However, they will eat almost anything they can get a hold of such as paper, book glue, cotton, s... Read More »

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What is a silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are known for their silvery scales, long antennas and catfish-like appearance. Silverfish reside in homes and buildings looking for high humidity areas, ... Read More »

What are silverfish drawn to?

Silverfish are pesky little insects that are generally about 1/2 inch long with a silver-colored body that is wider near the head and gradually narrows toward its rear end. These are pests that ca... Read More »

What does a silverfish eat?

Silverfish can consume cereal grains, paper, book glue, cotton, silk, magazine paper and mold. Silverfish will eat just about anything and if necessary can live up to 1 year without eating.Source:G... Read More »

What Attracts Silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless insects that can grow up to an inch long. They can survive to live up to eight years. They are called silverfish because of the color of their exoskeleton and the insect mov... Read More »