What do silkworms eat?

Answer Silkworms eat mulberry leaves, which come from the mulberry tree. Silkworms can also eat pre-made silkworm food, but once fed the silkworm food, silkworms will not be receptive to mulberry leaves a... Read More »

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What Do Silkworms Make?

Humans have been cultivating silkworms for 5,000 years. The silkworm owes its popularity and namesake to one remarkable ability: the production of high-quality, easy-to-harvest silk. Although many ... Read More »

What type of tree do silkworms eat?

The silkworm larva lives on a diet of the leaves from mulberry trees. These domesticated insects spin silk cocoons for their metamorphosis into adult moths. The cocoons are the source of silk prize... Read More »

How to Cut Silkworms?

Silkworm cultivation started in China more than 5,000 years ago. Now, they are cultivated throughout the world. The cocoons of silkworms are boiled to produce the coveted material, silk. If you cut... Read More »

Are silkworms dangerous?

On One Hand: Uses for SilkwormsSilkworms are a domesticated moth species (Bombyx mori). They are raised primarily for the silk they produce to spin their cocoons, but some people also raise silkwor... Read More »