What Do Golden Leaf Monkeys Eat?

Answer Golden leaf monkeys or golden langurs are one of the most endangered primates in India. They are found only in northeastern India and in the foothills of the Black Mountains in Bhutan. Their name c... Read More »

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What do the monkeys do in Jewel Quest II?

The Jewel Quest games, a series of PC puzzle games, often use monkeys as characters, with each having a different purpose depending on the game. In Jewel Quest II, however, the monkeys are evil cre... Read More »

What kind of water do sea monkeys live in?

"Sea-Monkeys" is a proprietary name for brine shrimp that are sold as pets. As the name suggests, brine shrimp live in very salty water. Sea-Monkey kits come with ingredients that you add to tap wa... Read More »

What does 1000 monkeys landed on shecamt's keyboard mean.?

It means someone, in this case you, is typing a message... ;-)There are several other messages like: is about to drop knowledge.Bate ur breath, for is typingThe muse has just stuck I hope you're s... Read More »

I have heard the Monkeys TV show was inspired by a movie can you tell what it is?