What do scarabs represent?

Answer On One Hand: Scarab as a CreatorOne of the myths common throughout India and Southeast Asia, notes Bug Bios, identifies the scarab beetle as the "maker of the world." According to this myth, a beet... Read More »

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How to Draw Egyptian Scarabs?

An Egyptian scarab is a type of beetle that is found in Egypt. These beetles are highly decorative with striking colors, shapes and designs on their upper casings. Images of Egyptian scarabs are fo... Read More »

What does the g represent in 3g?

the g stands for generation its the 3rd generation of internet speed development

What does the BBC represent?

Fair and balanced programming apparrantly

What does UPC represent?

UPC represents an abbreviation for Universal Product Code. The UPC code is placed on products to assist in serving as an inventory tracking device. It was first developed for grocery stores to assi... Read More »