What do scanners do?

Answer It scans.A scanner is a device that scans pictures by taking a picture of them then transferring it to your computer as a digital image file. Some of the more advanced scanners today have functions... Read More »

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What is the meaning of scanners?

Scanners are devices that scan images, text and similar sources optically, and then turn the object or image into a digital image.Common ScannerThe most common scanner is used in home or work envir... Read More »

What are flatbed scanners?

A flatbed scanner is a device that is used to copy papers, book pages or photos and save them as digital files. Flatbed scanners open to reveal a piece of glass that you lay your document on. The a... Read More »

What do you think of HP printers and scanners?

Hp is very well-rounded. They tend be be very sleek looking with higher quality parts than other generic manufacturers. Although the only problem with HP is that they are very proprietary meaning t... Read More »

What are some Scanners i can use to clean up my pc?

Here's a suggestion. For (usually) smart, advanced users on the PC, there is no need for an active antivirus that (i would put in bold) SLOWS down your computer. If you are looking for a scanner th... Read More »