What do scabies look like when they start?

Answer Scabies look like red tracks that appear on the skin's surface. These tracks may look like small bumps or lines at first and may appear on shoulder blades, between the fingers, in the armpits and o... Read More »

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Do cantaloupes look like cucumbers when they first start growing?

ANSWER: Yes. They, like watermelon, cantelope and others have a main stem and 2 prominent leaves. They look identical till the fruit develops.

What do hand scabies look like?

The mite sarcoptes scabiei causes an itchy skin condition called scabies, which is the result of infestation by the mite. The mites are eight-legged parasites that burrow into the skin, resulting i... Read More »

What do scabies sores look like?

Scabies is a skin condition that affects people in all parts of the world, is easily transmitted between humans and can live on clothing for several days. Identifying scabies sores is essential to ... Read More »

What do scabies on people look like?

Scabies is caused by microscopic mites burrowing in the top layer of the skin and laying eggs. Scabies is a communicable disease spread by skin-to-skin contact, according to the Centers for Diseas... Read More »